Kether Crown כתר
Chochmah Wisdom חכמה
Binah Understanding; בינה
Chesed Mercy; חסד
Gevurah Severity; גבורה
Tiphareth Redeemer; תיפארת
Netzach Victory; נצח
Hod Majesty; הוד
Yesod Foundation; יסוד
Malkhuth Kingdom; מלכות

Chesed is part of Six, Z"A, Zeir Anpin or Little Face

Chesed - MercyEdit

  • Bhina: 3 / Gimmel
  • Olam: Ecirah
  • Light: Ruah
  • Planet: Tzadekh (Jupiter)
  • Briatic Colour: blue
  • Number: 4
  • Magical Image: a mighty king
  • Briatic Correspondence: authority
  • Spiritual Experience: Vision of Love
  • Titles: Gedulah, magnificence, love, majesty
  • God Name: El
  • Archangel: Tzadkiel
  • Angel Order: Chasmalim
  • Keywords: authority, creativity, inspiration, vision, leadership, excess, waste, secular and spiritual power, submission and the Annihilation Myth, the atom bomb, obliteration, birth, service.