Kether Crown כתר
Chochmah Wisdom חכמה
Binah Understanding; בינה
Chesed Mercy; חסד
Gevurah Severity; גבורה
Tiphareth Redeemer; תיפארת
Netzach Victory; נצח
Hod Majesty; הוד
Yesod Foundation; יסוד
Malkhuth Kingdom; מלכות

Hod is part of Six, Z"A, Zeir Anpin or Little Face

Hod - Glory, SplendourEdit

  • Planet: Kokab (Mercury) Element: air
  • Briatic Colour: orange
  • Number: 8
  • Magical Image: an hermaphrodite
  • Briatic Correspondence: abstraction
  • Spiritual Experience: Vision of Splendour
  • Titles: -
  • God Name: Elohim Tzabaoth
  • Archangel: Raphael
  • Angel Order: Beni Elohim
  • Keywords: reason, abstraction, communication, conceptualisation, logic, the sciences, language, speech, money (as a concept), mathematics, medicine & healing, trickery, writing, media (as communication), pedantry, philosophy, Kabbalah (as an abstract system), protocol, the Law, ownership, territory, theft, rights, ritual, magic.

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