New global initiative for Kabbalah science and Knowledge Manegement-3 studies, development and meetings

  1. Structure of KM and structue od Kabbalah
  2. What is in common? And different.
  3. KM3 from Kabbalah point of view
  4. Kabbalah from KM3 point of view
  5. Esoterics of KM3
  6. What is knowledge from Kabbalah point of view?
  7. KM and Gnosticism.
  8. Old and new knowledge
  9. "Secrets" in Kabbalah
  10. "Secrets" in KM3
  11. "Secrets" in Gnosticism
  12. Practical application of KM3-Kabbalah
  13. Future of combining new knowledge of KM (metaknowledge) and old knowledge of Kabbalah and Gnosticism
  14. What can KM3 take or learn from ancient secret sciences?
  15. Adam Kadmon and remember/forget
  16. Collective mind (consciousness) & kabbalah
  17. Information overflow

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