Kether Crown כתר
Chochmah Wisdom חכמה
Binah Understanding; בינה
Chesed Mercy; חסד
Gevurah Severity; גבורה
Tiphareth Redeemer; תיפארת
Netzach Victory; נצח
Hod Majesty; הוד
Yesod Foundation; יסוד
Malkhuth Kingdom; מלכות


Malkuth - KingdomEdit

  • Bhina: 4 / Dalet
  • Olam: Asia
  • Light: Nefesh
  • Planet: Cholem Yesodeth Element: earth, Foundations, sphere of the elements, the Earth
  • Briatic Colour: brown
  • Number: 10
  • Magical Image: a young woman crowned and throned
  • Briatic Correspondence: stability
  • Spiritual Experience: Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel
  • Titles: The Gate; Gate of Death; Gate of Tears; Gate of Justice; The Inferior Mother; Malkah, the Queen; Kallah, the Bride; the Virgin.
  • God Name: Adonai ha Aretz, Adonai Malekh
  • Archangel: Sandalphon
  • Angel Order: Ishim
  • Keywords:the real world, physical matter, the Earth, Mother Earth, the physical elements, the natural world, sticks & stones, possessions, faeces, practicality, solidity, stability, inertia, heaviness, bodily death, incarnation.